>>> What I'm worried about is that we have to come up with a *MUCH* better
>>> way to tell people "What is *the single* way to do this or that?" and
>>> "Hey, we used to do it *this* way, but HEADSUP, now it's *that* way!".
>> I'd welcome any constructive suggestions. I, for one, suggested a
>> "What's new in Zope 3.X" article.  Baiju M started such an article
>> (google it) and I contributed a few things here and there to it. (Thanks
>> to Baiju, btw!!!)
> Ah. I think I saw that on the list once as a work in progress or
> proposal. I hadn't had time back than to look into this. I just found
> the URL and skimmed over it. I think this is probably exactly what I
> would love to see for major releases. I think I'll start translating
> that to german until the final release of 3.3.

Perhaps we should get the English version up to shape first. I don't
think it's completely finished yet.

This document is maintained as a wiki page, so anyone can edit it.
I welcome your changes, especially this section:  "Local component
management simplification".

Baiju M
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