Jim Fulton wrote:

Christian Theune wrote:
Why? Because we keep changing stuff and don't tell people in VERY LARGE
LETTERS about it.

Actually, you highlighted the wrong bit, the important bit is:


This is really the central point (or, at least, IMO, the most important point) in this thread.

I'm glad at least one other person seems to feel that way ;-)

Zope 3 was declared ready for production because people were using it in production,

A mistake perhaps?

But then, when does something become production otherwise?
I think the temptation to keep polishing would be too strong...

People who used Zope 3 should have been made aware of these issues. Maybe there weren't.

They were, but there are benefits to Zope 3 ;-)

the messages, but we certainly tried to be informative. We've also tried very hard to be backward compatible.

bzzt.. nope, backwards compatible for a period of time, which is NOT backwards compatability in my mind. I can still use 8.3 filenames in Windows XP if I really want. That's backwards compatability and is about the only thing MS ever did right...

I do think the rate of change needs to decrease and I'm pretty confident it will. The local-registration changes in 3.3 are the biggest remaining API/Architectural change I'm aware of.

Yay! I can only hope. It would certainly help Zope 3 become a much more easily adoptable framework imho.

I think that the biggest change ahead will be in redoing the packaging to:

- be egg friendly, if not egg-centric,

But that should change anything w.r.t. actual use, right?

This will lead to many things moving out of zope.app.

Yay! More breakage :-/

I think in the future, we should resist minor api tweaks just to improve spelling slightly.

+ sys.maxint


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