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Stephan Richter wrote:
On Friday 08 September 2006 04:12, yuppie wrote:
Are there good reasons why these changes were not backported?

I volunteer to backport some fixes I'm missing in Zope 3.2, but that's
no general solution for keeping the current stable branch maintained.

The short answer is: We are a bit sloppy. I always develop against the trunk, so when I fix an issue, I do not event think about porting it back to another release, other when one is imminent, like Zope 3.3 now. I think most other Zope 3 developers are the same.

I just re-read http://www.zope.org/DevHome/Subversion/ZopeDevelopmentProcess - the only relevant document I was able to find.

Some of the fixes I'm missing on the 3.2 branch were checked in after creating the 3.3 branch. The policy described in ZopeDevelopmentProcess doesn't require backports to 3.2 after the new branch was created.

Overall, I would really like to find a person for each release being responsible for backporting bug fixes. It would be a relatively easy way to contribute to Zope 3.

IMHO maintaining the current stable branch should be the responsibility of all developers - if you fix a bug you should be familiar with the issue and best qualified for backporting the fix. But if this is resolved in a different way I'm fine with it - as long as the problem is resolved.

Dot-zero releases always contain new bugs introduced by new features. It is important to have always one stable branch that is actively maintained.

Anyway. Should I just go ahead with backporting fixes or should I wait until a procedure and responsible person are found?



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