Jim Fulton wrote:
> On Sep 12, 2006, at 10:50 AM, Christian Theune wrote:
>> Jim Fulton wrote:
>>> On Sep 12, 2006, at 10:33 AM, Christian Theune wrote:
>>>>>> - I think we want a release manager.
>>>>> You're a genius!  I'll just snap my fingers.
>>>> What happened after you snapped? :)
>>> You became the release manager. Welcome aboard!
> I was kidding.

I know. So Martijn and I both stepped forward a small bit on this. So we
need some conflict resolution. :)

I acknowledge the importance of the task and I'd do it, but I don't want
to put down anybody who is enthusiastic about it.

>> Can I make you my assistant?
> I'd be happy to make the actual releases (tar balls and windos
> installers) if someone else would do everything else.
> Of course, this could be multiple people.  I'm not interested in nagging
> people. I'm happy to help set schedules, but I'd be happier not to be in
> charge.

I understand that.

>> I might get argued into doing that, if the contract that is put on my
>> head states clearly what my tasks are. If the tasks are unclear, I won't
>> do it. I'd be happy to help with clearing up the tasks, but I would need
>> a jump start from someone else (Philipp, Stephan, Jim?).
> I'd be happy to come up with a minimal list, but I'm sure you'll think
> of tasks I won't.

That would be nice. I'm putting up a todo for myself to come up with
tasks, I'll also investigate if we have any material on zope.org that
already describes this.


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