Stephan Richter wrote:
Hi everyone,

I just noticed that has now the following entry:

  server localhost:8100
  storage 1
  cache-size 20MB

This means that ZEO has to start up to run Zope after a default check out/download. When I had no network connection in a hotel last week, I could not start up Zope because ZEO would not get some network thing going. I think this is really unfortunate and I propose to change this back to the old version:

    path Data.fs


Yes, of course. It looks like Theuni accidentally committed his in these revisions: (3.3 branch) (trunk) (trunk)

These need to be reverted for

Christian, if you want to customize, just copy it to zope.conf. That's why the file is suffixed with '.in' in the first place (fallback for when you don't have your own zope.conf).

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