Jim Fulton wrote:

On Sep 22, 2006, at 11:47 AM, Martijn Faassen wrote:

I am about to do a new egg release of zc.catalog and will be putting out other eggs as well (to the cheeseshop as we now have our own category there).

I notice in the SVN that there have been quite a few changes to zc.catalog. We do not have any CHANGES.txt or such, so it's very hard for me to determine what in fact changed without digging through SVN commit messages and such.

So, I propose we start maintaining CHANGES.txt in packages, and mark changes there when we make them.

I'd rather see this in projects, not packages. So this would be in the root of an SVN project alongside of setup.py.
Maybe this is what you meant.

Yes, sorry for being unclear, that is what I meant.

See what I've been doing for zc.buildout:


I took a look at it after I wrote this post.

Some things to note:

I knit all of the .txt files, including documentation-oriented doctest files together in the distutils long description. This causes the pypi page to be pretty informative:


I looked into doing this for zc.catalog as well, but in the end decided not to. zc.catalog contains quite a few doctests and the knitting would be quite involved, so I deferred the work.

While I'm happy with the way this works now as it's agile, I am also hoping that eventually we can move away from the cheeseshop as the prime documentation site of a project; it's not ideally suited for that.

I hope we can move to a pattern where projects gain a homepage somewhere on zope.org, including doctests and some other information, and the cheeseshop is used for everything else (pointing to the homepage on zope.org with the 'url' field in setup.py).

I find putting dates on releases to be a bother. If it's a bother for me, it's probably a bother for others. Is it really worth it?

I really appreciate seeing release dates myself. I already found myself wondering the other day whether a release of zc.buildout was new or whether I'd seen it again. Release dates help there. It is also helpful to track a project's release history later.

If the cheeseshop had release dates for files somewhere visible then I'd be okay with leaving them off.

I've done a bad job of tagging releases,  I need to get better about that.

Yes, as not tagging removes one more way to determine the release date. :)

Finally, I'm experimenting with using launchpad for bugs:


and feature requests:


So far this is working OK. I haven't really stressed it. Launchpad makes this very easy to set up and I don't think they are allergic to having us create lots of projects.

I intend to take a look at this later.

Anyway, we need to start writing this stuff down in an easily found place. Like zope.org...


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