Christian Theune wrote:

I saw some updates in the wiki tonight and thought I'll catch up with
some stuff too.

As I opted to take care for the Zope 3.4 release and Zope 3.3 is out of
the door since yesterday, I've updated the roadmap.

(Someone correct me if my information is out-dated)

Current focus: Bug fixing Zope 3.3

Currently, we're aiming for a Zope 3.3 bugfix release (3.3.1) in
November, which is managed by Martijn. Everybody is very encouraged to
take a look at the collector and fix bugs instead of introducing new
functionality. Please provide fixes and tests on the trunk and the 3.3

Next milestone: Zope 3.4

Due to the late release date for Zope 3.3 and the amount of open bugs,
Zope 3.4 will be postponed one release cycle and will be released in May


I think we should move the alpha and beta schedules up. IMO, we should
schedule the first beta and thus the feature freeze for early April.

The largest project that I know of that aims for Zope 3.4 will be the
eggification of Zope 3.

Yup.  I fear that we if decide to support Python 2.5, that will be a
bigger project.

I haven't seen a formal proposal for this yet,

Good point.

but AFAIK this is Jim's pet.



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