Jim Fulton wrote:
Baiju M wrote:
  What is the target Python version for Zope 3.4, is it Python 2.5?

That's a good question.  I fear it will take a fair bit of work to
get to it and, frankly for me there are higher priorities.

I think we'd be okay in not supporting Python 2.5 yet for this release. Python 2.5 has just been released, and the 9 months or so will give it time to gell out, Python extensions a bit of time to catch up with the newer version, and for us to do some experimenting. Linux distributions will likely still be supporting Python 2.4 (along with 2.5) at that stage as well.

So unless a volunteer steps up to do lots of hard work between now and march next year, let's stick with Python 2.4. Otherwise let's plan it in for Zope 3.5 and Zope 2.12


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