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Adding additional complexity for getting the label issue perfectly right doesn't fit much to the rest of the code. And I doubt any browser will have trouble with 'for' attributes pointing to a non-control element.
The "for" attributes in labels are used heavily in zope.testbrowser functional tests. If the human readable labels no longer correctly identify the controls, control IDs or names would have to be used instead, which is not conducive to good tests.

This is already broken for choice checkbox and radio widgets. In these cases we have no 1:1 relationship between widget labels and controls. (Though sometimes additional 1:1 labels within the widgets do work.)

an aside:

If they are set up correctly (i.e., using the spec) then labels for checkbox or radio buttons certainly should work. If they don't, that's a bug.

Then also, fwiw, if they are part of a collection of fields, you can use `.control` to get the "virtual" umbrella control for the collection of radio buttons or checkboxes.

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