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Thnk of cataloguing / indexing use cases:  adapting the catalogued
object to a string value (or tuple, or whatever) using named adapters is
a very "natural" way to make indexing pluggable:  what is *unnatural*
(or at least a "dead chicken") is the requirement to adapt to an
'IString', when what I really want is a 'str'.
Well, part of Python idea is duck typing and requiring that you get a 'str' may be too much. Perhaps you would really only like to get something that quacks like str. OTOH, perhaps you absolutely want a 'str' and that use case should perhaps be allowed...

Heh, in this case using 'IString' is really a "trussed duck" (duck
typing with B&D) ;)  Python's duck typing breaks down with strings,
because they can by "quack tested" like sequences, but you almost
*never* want to treat them the same way as other sequences, so you end
up with 'isinstance(obj, basestr)' tests to prevent handling them that way.

hello RuleDispatch...


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