Philipp von Weitershausen wrote at 2006-11-15 21:11 +0100:
> ...
>Not sure what "official" terminology glossary you're basing this on

I am basing this on the meaning of english words.

An adapter is something that adapts (and not something that is adapted).

"adapt" is a transitive verb. It applies to something.
This means that an adapter, too, applies to something.
It is a function.

> but 
>we often refer to "IZopeDublinCore(myobj)" as the "IZopeDublinCore 
>adapter" of myobj".

I begin to understand where this comes from:

  In Chris' example, the adaption result is a string.
  It is very difficult to envision a string as an active 
  object (what the name "adapter" suggests).

  In more complex situations the adaptation result
  is an active object that actively mediates between
  the interface it provides and the adapted object.
  This probably led to the use of the active term "adapter"
  rather than the more neutral term "adaptation" (maybe "adaption").

As Chris example demonstrates, it would have been better
to call "IZopeDublinCore(myobj)" the "IZopeDublinCore"
adaptation of "myobj".

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