Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Shane Hathaway wrote:
Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
   Like zope:view, except:

     * the request type (second adapted object) defaults to

     * the "permission" always applies to 'publishTraverse',
       'browserDefault' and '__call__' attributes, in addition to the
       optionally specified "allowed_attributes" or "allowed_interface"
So, is a browser:view publishable, like a browser:page?

No. That's why you can't open URLs like http://.../anobj/@@absolute_url (like you can in Zope 2) because absolute_url is a view, but one that's not publishable.

Well, actually there's a browser:page directive on the Zope 3 trunk that makes @@absolute_url publishable.

However, I'm wondering what browser:page does to make something publishable, that browser:view doesn't do. It's pretty hard to wade through to figure it out. Is it some magic attribute, some behind-the-scenes registration...?

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