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Friday, November 17, 2006, 4:46:09 PM, you wrote:

GP> On Nov 17, 2006, at 10:23 AM, Adam Groszer wrote:

>> Hello,
>> Solutions:
>> a: No, do not keep None values in the catalog
>>    the current implementation works like this
>>    you are unable to ask the catalog for objects having None
>>    properties
>> b: Yes, keep None values in the catalog
>>    you can ask the catalog for objects having None properties
>> c: Let's keep the existing one that does not index None and have an
>>    AttributeIndexAlsoNone class which will index None values

GP> Did you see my reply in the other thread?

GP> If you make indexes keep track of None, it will need to be done in a  
GP> separate data structure because of the key homogeneity issues.  This  
GP> is a less efficient approach than the zc.catalog approach.  It can be
GP> done either way.

GP> I recommend that you use zc.catalog, rather than reinventing  
GP> something that solves your problem.

GP> I suppose I don't care much, since we don't use the standard zope  
GP> value and keyword indexes anyway; if you must add the None feature,  
GP> then I only care, from a "let's not screw up our community software"  
GP> perspective, that it be implemented in a safe way.  Keep your BTree  
GP> keys homogenous.

GP> Gary

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