Jim Fulton wrote:
> This should work a lot better as of a couple of days ago.

I noticed the updates in the last days, didn't change much for me
though. The longest time is the 'svn up' in the Zope 3 checkout. It
takes about 32 seconds when I run 'bin/buildout install zope3' (Zope 3
being a zc.recipe.zope3checkout). This is a long time if you're running
bin/buildout many times while working on recipes or buildouts.

>> However, in my case buildout installs/updates depending recipes too
>> which in my case means updating a Zope 3 checkout (this takes a long
>> time from Europe).
> It should only reinstall parts who's configuration has changed.
> Without any more specifics, it is hard to make a more specific  
> comment. :)
> In particular, I'm not sure what you mean by "depending" above.
> ...

Right. I guess 'depending' was a term I chose because I didn't know
better. I'm pretty sure that I didn't change any configuration in the
buildout at all, but the zope3checkout install is run every time, even
when I specify just the zope3instance to be installed.

>> Any idea whether it would be reasonable/wise to have a mode that says
>> "This part only please and I mean it!"?
> Perhaps, although we still have to initialize other parts that a part  
> references
> so that they can compute data that the referencing part needs.

Right. Again, that's not the time-critical part so not a problem.

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