Moving discussion from collector to list as discussions fit over here.
We can link to the discussion and provide the result in the collector
later, I'm not sure whether this needs so much more discussion though.

(For people joining the discussion, have a look at the collector entry
to catch up if you like.)

Collector: Zope 3 ... wrote:
> Issue #721 Update (Comment) "Handling of empty prefixes in zope.formlib and 
> zope.app.form"
>  Status Pending, community/bug+solution medium
> To followup, visit:
>   http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope3-dev/721

> Please look again. I removed the *first* definition of the 'submitted' method.
> The second definition is the one that is currently used. It works
> because the __get__ method prepends the form prefix to the __name__ of
> the result. (And the deleted version does *not* work for the same
> reason)

Right. I mixed that up, stupid mistake. Everything's alright. ;)

>> form.py:
>>   "Join a number prefixes into a single prefix, or join a number of"
>>   Small typo: "Join a number *of* prefixes ..."
> This tells me that you have been looking at the prefixhandling-3.patch .  
> What do 
> you think of the alternative patch I posted?

Ah. I didn't look right here too and mistook -3 as the alternative. I've
looked at -alt now and I like it more.

The name 'expandPrefix' doesn't strike me as very obvious, but I
couldn't find an alternative.

Nothing to say besides that. IMHO enough people already agreed in
general, so if I'd be you, I'd go ahead and check it in.


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