Roger Ineichen wrote:
> What does removal mean?

We have two possible situations for a package that I'd like to consider
during spring cleaning:

1. packages that are in the src/ tree but are not distributed with Zope

   The question is whether those packages are maintained and there is
   interest to keep them around. If they are not maintained and there is
   no interest from anybody, we can either put them into a retirement
   section or just delete them.

2. packages that are distributed but untested/unmaintained/unused

   Those should eventually not be distributed anymore and maybe have the
   same destiny as packages from 1. I try to support Jims vision of a
   smaller "core" system with this.

   However, those packages that are currently distributed need to be
   considered very carefully and require a deprecation cycle. As
   deprecating things that are used by other people is bad IMHO, we
   should be very sure that we don't annoy people by doing so.


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