> Subject: Re: [Zope3-dev] RE: [SpringCleaning07]

> - zope.app.demo
> This is a really tricky one. The point of the package is to collect 
> demonstration code and the point of it living in zope.app is 
> that it will 
> always work. But does it belong here? I do not know. What do 
> others think?

I vote for remove this package from the core.

> - zope.app.styleguide
> This package contains Zope 3 coding style conventions, but I 
> am not sure it is 
> used as the canonical source for the conventions. I think the 
> Wiki is more 
> central. I know Roger put a lot of time into the package, so 
> maybe we can put 
> the information not contained in the wiki there and then 
> remove the package.

I'm fine with removing this package from the distribution
and copy the content into a wiki.
> I'll note that the removal of several of the zope.app.* 
> packages means a 
> further distancing from TTW, offering the casual newscomer 
> even less to look 
> at. I am okay with this direction, but others might object 
> strongly. This 
> should really be brought up on zope3-users or other 
> high-level mailing lists.

I think we should find maintainers for every package or a 
bunch of them and cleanup strictly all other parts. 
Perhaps this will give us a positive sideeffect in fixing 

Perhaps it's realy time that the zope foundation give us
a OK to implement the ZSCP process. If we whould have 
such a process we shouldn't have a problem with unmentained
packages in the future.

Roger Ineichen

> Regards,
> Stephan
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