Stephan Richter wrote:
On Tuesday 19 December 2006 08:24, Jim Fulton wrote:
Here is what I'd like to see.  I'd like to see someone get more involved
in the WSGI effort.  A very specific thing I think is needed is a WSGI
server benchmark that can be used to evaluate different WSGI servers for
both functionality and performance.  This would benefit us and other
projects.  We should use this to evaluate different WSGI servers
to see which ones best meet our needs.  This would guide our decision
whether to continue to try to support any of our existing server
and might spur server developers to greater efforts and server
improvements. I don't think this is a huge effort and certainly not a
technically challenging one.  I think that a modest effort that tested some
obvious things like speed of requests with large and small inputs and
outputs, with varying levels of concurrency, measuring speed and resource
consumption would probably spur contributions from others in the Python Web
I would do this myself if I didn't have a number of other projects that
I'm currently focused on.

I agree with your assessment. It is extremely difficult to figure out which WSGI server fulfills Zope's criteria. In fact, I would suspect that only ZServer (Zope 2 and 3 version) does, because noone else has such strong requirements.

What requirements?  If we have such requirements, I suggest we reevaluate them.
*We do not want to be in the server business!*

Perhaps you are thinking of the buffering requirement.  I would suggest that
this be part of the benchmark.  That is, there should be a test of whether 
can DOS a server by connecting with a non-zero content length and then not 

I would love to see such a profiling tool too, not only for testing servers, but applications as well.

Applications is totally out of scope for this IMO.  Everybody
wants benchmarks that apply across applications, but that is a pipe dream.
OTOH, it should be feasible to come up with a reasonable set of tests that
can be used to compare servers.


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