Martin Aspeli wrote:
Martijn Faassen wrote:
We had a Grok sprint in Germany over the weekend, and we got two reports about it:

Rock on :)

What is the current state of the art in terms of Grok examples and documentation? What is the best place to look to find out about the latest development techniques and possiiblities?

Currently we suck at examples and documentation. We have some partially out of date design notes in 'doc'. We also have a lot of tests under src/grok/ftests and src/grok/tests which go into many situations, but those are not really good documentation by themselves as we spend a huge amount of time worrying about potential failure situations and doing good error reporting.

The best examples right now are still the grokwiki and the grokblog, also to be found in the checkout. They haven't started using the changes of the very latest sprint yet, so no catalog or security yet, but grokblog uses quite a few features nonetheless, including forms.

The good news is that documentation is one of our highest priorities now that we're nearing feature completeness.

Feedback would of course be very welcome, either on this list or on grok-dev.



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