Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Marius Gedminas wrote:
and which causes registration as an adapter without the need for ZCML.

I am not sure I like that.  When does the registration take effect?  On
module import?

No, that would be quite terrible. It would mean you could never import anything without having registration going on.

The registration happens during "grok time", in other words, when you explicitly grok something. E.g.:

  <grok:grok package="foobar" />


  >>> grok.grok('foobar')

Grok-time means we are able to support ZCML style actions and anything you can do with ZCML overrides. We intend to think that set of features through at some point and support it in Grok somehow, though aren't there yet.

The idea in Grok is to keep the benefits of ZCML without ZCML actually being there. :)



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