On Feb 5, 2007, at 11:41 PM, Fred Drake wrote:

On 2/5/07, Baiju M <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I have created zope.app egg two weeks back
I have used setuptools.find_packages function, so setuptools is a
Should we need compatibility with distutils.core ?

I suspect it's fine ok for an egg-supporting setup.py to depend on
setuptools, though I'm wary of dependencies outside the Python
standard library and our own code for basics.  Using zc.buildout
ensures setuptools is part of a buildout anyway, so I'll get over my
own little hangup pretty quickly.

Depending on a third-party egg is better than a vendor import (assuming that we don't need to customize it). We don't want to depend on anything with a
viral license such as GPL.


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