On Feb 22, 2007, at 1:28 AM, Christian Zagrodnick wrote:


the cachedescriptors package is quite aged as it seems. It hasn't been updated for decorator use.

Actually there are only three descriptors:

CachedProperty – Needs to be updated to be used as decorator. But I guess we need a deprecation period.

 Lazy – Works like charm as property decorator.

readproperty – can go away i think. The property builtin is find. I'd add a 12 month deprecation warning.


Comments? Objections?

readproperty can't go away. The test sucks. I'll fix that. A properly written test wouldn't pass with the property builtin.

readproperty is actually the only one of these 3 that I find useful and almost got Guido to put something like it in the standard library, but I ran out of steam. :(


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