Jeff Shell wrote:
With `readproperty`, you can still have the simple
getter-method-wrapper property, with the ability to replace the value
on instances. So no, the builtin 'property' descriptor is not fine.
`property` came into being when Python got descriptors, but before it
got decorators. By grand design or divine accident,

Clearly Guido's time machine is to blame here :)

the fact that the
first argument for `property` is the getter function makes it a useful
decorator. But it wasn't written with decorators in mind. It was
written for ``x = property(getX, setX, delX)``, or some combination

I once mused about this and came up with rwproperty (a decorator spelling for getters *and* setters, del'ers) and classproperty (uses nested class statement): if anyone cares.

Anyway, sorry for the off-topicness... back to business :)

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