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    If a student should get accepted for one of those projects, it will
    obviously make a lot of sense if the person who suggested the project
    would mentor him/her.

Hi everybody.

I was wondering what's needed for a undergraduate student to be accepted for
one of those Zope 3 project. What level of skills are needed? Is it enough if I
can build an application "using" Zope 3 from scratch? Or do I need to know very
well the low level parts of Zope 3 (like my hand's palm).

You should be solid with Python and Zope 3. Things like the Component Architecture, ZCML, ZODB, etc. shouldn't be a mystery to you.

However you will be hacking Zope 3 itself, so the more you know about Zope 3's internals, the better. Also, I'll predict that most of the suggested projects will end up involving some other 3rd party Python technology (paste.deploy, eggs, ...). Knowing whichever technology is involved into your project should be a requirement as well (at least if you don't want to spend too much time on learning about them but instead participate in the initial design phase, which we'd certainly like to involve you in!)

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