Hi all,

We have the opportunity to bid for a project concerning
the automation of administrative processes.
The client currently has software in Python and Zope/Plone.

They are quite explicit that they want their new applications to be
built as much as possible with a mix of generic shareable modules and of
custom modules.

This is a quite big project that, among others, includes the aspects of
collaboration with / support of the community.

One of the questions we are exploring is : "which workflow engine should we use/expand on ?"

In order to help us make a proposal, we would be very interested to hear your comments both

- about the existing workflows (DCWorkflow, Zope3.wfmc, AlphaFlow,

- or about the directions that you would suggest in order to help you
use a given engine (missing features, simplification,...) and join the
effort to improve one of the existing engines.

Godefroid Chapelle (aka __gotcha)- BubbleNet  http://bubblenet.be

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