Godefroid Chapelle schrieb:
In order to help us make a proposal, we would be very interested to hear your comments both

- about the existing workflows (DCWorkflow, Zope3.wfmc, AlphaFlow,

- or about the directions that you would suggest in order to help you
use a given engine (missing features, simplification,...) and join the
effort to improve one of the existing engines.

Depends a bit on what you need in the end: Plone integration?
activity based wf? "stand-alone" Zope 3 application (meaning:
it should run in a plain Zope 3 environment, no
Zope 2/Five/CMF/Plone ...)

If you can get away with a simple state-based wf and you need
Plone support DCWorkflow should be just fine.

If you need to support activity-based workflows and Plone integration
I'd start looking into AlphaFlow first and help Christian and the
gocept guys to get it ready for Plone 3. ;-)

If you need it to be independent of CMF/Plone ... then
zope3.wfmc might be a starting point but without having looked
at it recently I do think it's quite old and may not be up to
the current best practices, so there might be some effort involved.
Others please correct me if I'm wrong!



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