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Hi all,

We have the opportunity to bid for a project concerning
the automation of administrative processes.
The client currently has software in Python and Zope/Plone.

They are quite explicit that they want their new applications to be
built as much as possible with a mix of generic shareable modules and of
custom modules.

This is a quite big project that, among others, includes the aspects of
collaboration with / support of the community.

One of the questions we are exploring is : "which workflow engine should we use/expand on ?"

In order to help us make a proposal, we would be very interested to hear your comments both

- about the existing workflows (DCWorkflow, Zope3.wfmc, AlphaFlow,

dcworkflow simple to use, well known, needs extension via custom guards and triggers to accomodate alot of workflow customization (send email, route to manager, etc.)

zope3.wfmc.. abstract, potentially powerful, but imo, needs quite a bit of code to make anything non trivial functional.

alphaflow.. i like the best as an architecture (ignoring AT implementation), i think that investing time rewriting it on z3 concepts would be time well spent, it has flexibility, a library for common actions, supports organizational workflows much better, and is model complete in terms of constructs to model conceptual workflows.

openflow.. nothing to say.

depending on your timeline.. of the two worth investigating, i would recommend alphaflow and z3.wfmc

two cents,

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