Hello Godefroid,

I'm having a bit biased view, because I know just zope.wfmc and have
the luck developing a pure Z3 application.

I think with zope.wfmc you have
- WFMC/XPDL support, you can shine with standards and big companies
love standards
- because it's XPDL support there's a graphical process editor jpEd
- the core itself is quite sophisticated, but still misses some things
for complete WFMC coverage (the WFMC spec is rather huge)
- you can/should add some layers on top of it:
  - z3c.wfmcpersistent to store the processes in ZODB
  - ecm.workflow to have a higher level of APIs and functions
    (That was written by Roger Ineichen, but as nuxeo moved to jboss
    it was not maintained by them. Therefore I intend to move that
    code to z3c.wfmc, when I have some time to breathe.
    I have some improvements to the code. We even have plans to
    implement time management or scheduling with the package)

All in all we're quite comfortable with zope.wfmc in our project.
The project is about document management, also a bit of administrative

Monday, March 12, 2007, 4:48:24 PM, you wrote:

> Hi all,

> We have the opportunity to bid for a project concerning
> the automation of administrative processes.
> The client currently has software in Python and Zope/Plone.

> They are quite explicit that they want their new applications to be
> built as much as possible with a mix of generic shareable modules and of
> custom modules.

> This is a quite big project that, among others, includes the aspects of
> collaboration with / support of the community.

> One of the questions we are exploring is : "which workflow engine should
> we use/expand on ?"

> In order to help us make a proposal, we would be very interested to hear
> your comments both

> - about the existing workflows (DCWorkflow, Zope3.wfmc, AlphaFlow,
> OpenFlow...)

> - or about the directions that you would suggest in order to help you
> use a given engine (missing features, simplification,...) and join the
> effort to improve one of the existing engines.

> Thanks

Best regards,
 Adam                            mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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