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Is there a Buildout recipe for building Zope 3 application soley from egg ?

No. I assume you mean "application" in the sense used by the zc.zope3recipes package.

I can see a note in zc.zope3recipes readme [1] like this:
(In the future, there will be an "application" recipe that will work with Zope soley as eggs.)

Jim, are you working on it ?

Not yet.  I don't have time. :(

Before I do, I'd really like to sort out the server mess. Before I create the next generation of recipe, I'd like to have a single main program based either on PasteDeploy, or on zope.paste.

The former, would use some generic PasteDeploy main program and would support pretty much any WSGI components.

The later would build on zope.paste, keeping the current basic application structure, but cleaning up the internal APIs.

In the mean time, I suggest a minor change to the existing recipe to allow a Zope 3 installation to be avoided. For example, we might allow an empty zope3 option to be provided to the application recipe to signal that a Zope 3 installation is not used.


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