Hi. This is beautiful. Thank you for all your hard work!

I have watched as you have eggified the zope packages over the past weeks. What a great day to seek this accomplished!

One small thing I noticed is daemon reports message that is not running rather than started on start up:

[Mac-PG:~/Desktop/z3hello] davidpra% ./bin/instance start
Daemon manager not running.

In fact it runs just fine.

I know where Jim is coming from from zope.paste and reconfiguration of main. This will should make the server setup as simple as other paste apps and substantially to the flexibility of the overall setup.


Baiju M wrote:
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Baiju M wrote:

Is there a Buildout recipe for building Zope 3 application soley from egg ?

I can see a note in zc.zope3recipes readme [1] like this:
(In the future, there will be an "application" recipe that will work with Zope soley as eggs.)

Jim, are you working on it ?

[1] http://svn.zope.org/zc.zope3recipes/trunk/zc/zope3recipes/README.txt?rev=73115&view=markup

Just to experiment, I satrted to work on a recipe for this.
Now I can create a Zope 3 application solely from eggs using Buildout.
If anyone want to try this, here is the steps:
$ svn co svn://svn.zope.org/repos/main/Sandbox/baijum/z3hello/trunk z3hello
 $ cd z3hello
 $ python2.4 bootstrap.py
 $ ./bin/buildout -N
 $ ./bin/instance start

Now, from your browser go to : http://localhost:8080/hello

Baiju M
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