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Max M wrote:
> Martin Aspeli skrev:
>> Peter Bengtsson wrote:
>>> Will the grok effort yield any codegenerating scripts and stuff like
>>> the django folks have?
>>> If not, I have some ideas that I could maybe contribute with at/for
>>> the next sprint even :)
>> Code generation sucks. :)
> (I know it is late to participate in this thread, but I am reading up on 
> grok.)
> I used to have the above opinion too. But I have changed my mind.
> A good framework will get you up and running with as little resistance 
> as possible.
> But actual real-life projects will often need a lot of files, 
> configuration and settings.
> So you might start out mean and lean, but after you are done fixing all 
> the little special cases and customizations, you will still have a lot 
> of code.
> If all that code you end up with anyway is automatically generated, it 
> will have an educational effect on the community. A "Code by Numbers" 
> effect where you fill in code in the obvious slots.

That presumes that the framework is omniscient / presient enough to
leave slots in place to allow the customizaitons you want.  I *hate*
fighing some UID-generateing architecture ("wiggling the wires") to get
the customer's desired UI.

> Just see how easy it is to check out other peoples AT based code in 
> Plone. Simply because everyone are acustomed to the structures and 
> conventions.

I think you just proved Martin's point:  in my experience, maintaining
other people's AT-based code is like Napoleon before Moscow:  thigh deep
in freezing mud.

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