while moving on to Zope 3.4 beta, I had the need to assure that all the
zope.* packages are actually working. 

I investigated a couple of options and finally decided for buildout.

The result is visible here: http://uter.gocept.com:3333/

I gave buildbot a new Web UI that allows easier access to the large
amount of projects that are hosted in svn.zope.org

The testing currently works like this:

- Every 6 hours the project list is updated. Projects are pulled in if
they have a trunk and the trunk has a buildout.cfg

- Whenever a checkin happens, the tests are executed.

- Tests are also run every 3 hours completely. (I'm still experimenting
with that, depending on how long all tests take I might reduce that.)

- The machine is currently limited to run at most 2 builds at a time as
it's a server in our office.

For the near future, we're getting a spare server in our computing
center in July which gocept will be happy to donate for running this
buildbot and maintaining it.

Also, I'll put the code for the WebUI and the configuration into
Subversion soon and I'll continue to make tweaks to the UI as I need
them for making the Zope 3.4 release. 


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