Am Dienstag, den 08.05.2007, 09:27 -0400 schrieb Gary Poster:
> This is awesome, Christian.  Thanks!
> Is there a way to see the buildbot output?  Will there be a way? 

Kind of and  yes. :)

I'm trying to fit this in my schedule as good as possible. You'll see
more nice things pop up soon.

I can currently peek into the old waterfall from the admin view, but
I'll have to redo the logs again. I also think I can built something
slightly better starting from the given point.

> (We've had some experience with our tests not accurately reporting  
> failures in buildbot.  We added an "--exit-with-status" flag to the  
> test runner to support our needs, which must be explicitly turned out  
> in the [test] section of buildouts, but maybe you are doing things  
> differently so that this is not necessary.  Generally, of course,  
> being able to look at the output can verify that a success is a  
> success, as well as give details about failures.)

Yes, I noticed that. I'm already using --exit-with-status and buildout
alread did not report an error correctly at some point, but the next
step currently breaks then, so it's only a minor glitch.

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