On 5/8/07, David Pratt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi Martijn. Thanks again for your reply. I do understand the
multiservice, however I feel is a shame that configure information in my
zope.conf for any of the built-in server types would not result in my
having control over these services following bootstrapping. It does not
need to be this way. :-(

Right, it seems I misunderstood. You want to be able to control
services not created by you, but by the existing codebase in
zope.app.twisted. That is a very legit usecase. :)

I hadn't thought of that angle, this sounds like something worthy of
putting into the Zope3 bugtracker. Registering the multiservice as a
utility would solve this usecase.

I acknowledge that this is not a prerequisite to twisted development in
zope. I am working with twisted as it is. My apologies if it seems that
I have communicated it this way. It would add convenience to facilitate
methods on the services in a single service container for the instance
as a whole. I should be able to obtain from my instance what services it
is currently running, give me an iterator of the services, check the
status of any service generally, start this service, stop that service,
add this one or drop that other one. This is better in my view - it
would also provide simple infrastructure for integration for applications.

Right, access to the multiservice would give you that, it is an iterator.

Martijn Pieters
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