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I thought I should mention here that the EuroPython talk deadline is fast approaching - the proposal deadline is friday may 18. I would like to see a strong Zope presence at EuroPython, so please submit your Zope related talks! Note that you won't be alone. If our talks are accepted, I'll give a talk about Grok, Philipp about Zope 3 and WSGI, and Christian Theune about recent ZEO developments. We need more, however! Let's try to make a strong showing.


In related EuroPython news, the thing all of you surely have been waiting for is going to happen in the 3 days after EuroPython: another Grok sprint! This is your opportunity to learn about Grok, influence the course of Grok, hack on Grok, and generally have fun. If you're interested in participating, please see this page:


and add your name to this page if you intend to show up:




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