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Am 07.05.2007 um 08:19 schrieb Christian Zagrodnick:
You can, but there's a trick to it---call  handle_edit_action.success()
instead of calling handle_edit_action directly.

Right. I used something like this here in a custom form:

   def handle_edit_action(self, action, data):
       super(EditForm, self).handle_edit_action.success(data)
       return "Redirect..."

This looks not nice because you have to redeclare the whole action including translation of the name and the condition. But if nobody agrees to my suggestion of a customizable applyChanges I will have to do it this way. (Although the two solutions do not interfere.)

If it makes your life easier change it. I'm not really seeing the point in not chaning it, I was just posting my "solution".

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