Chris Withers wrote:
Fred Drake wrote:
The value of the big release is more for people who are new to Zope 3,
and want to take a look.  That's not an audience I'm good at judging,
either in terms of guessing what they really want, or in what makes
them take that first look.

Indeed, I'd suggest this is a market best persued by apps like Grok.

Sure, we'll happily brainwash newcomers into the Grok way first. :)

By the way, I'd call Grok a 'framework', not an 'app'. In the egg-based world, Grok will make sure that newcomers don't have to think about dependencies but have a set of eggs available to them to get started.

It is important for attracting new users of a framework to make it easy to get started. Requiring beginners to puzzle over which egg dependencies to include will push away most.



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