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Bernd Dorn wrote:
> On 11.05.2007, at 17:29, Chris Withers wrote:
>> Fred Drake wrote:
>>> On 5/11/07, Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>>> I dunno, do we actually need an "offical big zope 3 release"  
>>>> anymore?
>>> No.  What's more, we don't even want to use one anymore.
>> cool :-)
>> My only slight concern here is when people make changes in one  
>> satellite project, they break another one and don't realise. But I  
>> guess the buildbot should catch that, right?
> i talked with jim about this and we agreed in that specifying  
> versions in eggs is not a good idea. The best way imho is to use  
> buildout's 'version' section in your application's buildout to nail  
> down all eggs to a specific version.

- -1;  a "meta" egg would work fine as a place to specify hard-wired
dependencies.   Not every Zope3 user is going to be using buildout.
Note that such a "mega-egg" would likely specify the "transitive
closure" of its dependency graph, as well.

Whether such a mega-egg is called an "official Zope release" is a
different issue, but that would be one way to let folks download a
"known good" integration (a distribution?) of the various satellite

+1 for avoiding gratuitous version-specific dependencies in "library"
eggs;  unless there is a known incompatibility, eggs should specify
their dependencies by name.

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