On Friday 25 May 2007 08:18, Jodok Batlogg wrote:
> > The features within the ``jquery`` and form packages will soon be  
> > demonstrated
> > in detail on the new www.zope.org website, which will also be  
> > available in
> > code form as ``z3c.website``. So stay tuned!
> lovely systems is really interested to work together with you on this  
> topic.
> one of the reasons to join the zope foundation as strategic developer  
> was to work on the marketing efforts and on the zope.org website.
> iirc martijn is leading the zope3 website efforts? we'd really like  
> to join the efforts.

Martijn, as far as I know is leading the zope3.org effort. Roger and I 
registered z3c.org, which will mainly serve as a demo site for Zope 3 
packages, mainly z3c.* packages I assume.

Roger and I are basically looking for a wuick way to show off what we can do 
today. The samples in z3c.formdemo will be part of it, but it will also 
feature a lot of the JQuery-AJAX work.

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