Hi Gary
> Betreff: [Zope3-dev] a ConflictError grabbag: problems and 
> solutions inzope.app.keyreference and zope.app.session


> I suppose a compromise would be to make a zope.minmax, and 
> then have zope.app.session depend on it.  That would be fine 
> by me, but making a zope.* package requires agreement from 
> interested parties.

If I got this right, there is no there is no drawback, right?

If so, it whould be better to have such improvments in zope 
in general.
I guess having such improvments in optional packages whould 
end in not using it for none core developer and make zope more
magicly as it allready is right now for beginners.

Roger Ineichen

> Gary
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