Certainly true. I just wanted the bug fix to stay in sync with the package author's coding style. He already used logical operator magic to mimic the '?:' ternary operator in a similar method. I myself prefer boring if ... else constructs.

Markus Kemmerling

Am 02.07.2007 um 14:51 schrieb Stefan H. Holek:

As a general rule you should avoid taking the boolean value of objects. You never know what the result will be and how expensive the underlying operations are (e.g. computing the length of a BTree can be *very* expensive).


On 2. Jul 2007, at 14:24, Markus Kemmerling wrote:

But I wouldn't have expected a non built-in type, that *also* supports the mapping API, to be considered as `False` as long as the mapping is empty ...

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