Brian Sutherland wrote:
The important part is:
     "A copy of the ZPL should accompany this distribution."

Hmm.  I've never thought of the svn checkouts as distributions.

On 7/11/07, Benji York <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hmm, I'd hate for the license file to pollute the root directory of
every, single project.  Perhaps we can decide to put it in the src
directory instead.  Comments?

I'd hate to see non-code or non-package-data in the src directory.
The ZPL text is pollution there just as much as at the top level.

It seems that if the ZPL is required to be in distributions, it needs
to be added to the result of " sdist" and the various bdist_*
commands (including bdist_egg).  Perhaps there should be a way to
include it that way instead; I'm not sure if the manifest support in
distutils can support loading it from a URL, but that would be better
than including a copy in the checkout.


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