First of all, thanks for all the replies I received in the last days!

* 2007-07-02 21:39, Jim Fulton wrote:
> >See also 
> >debug-spinning-zope  and 
> >Misc/gdbinit?view=markup.
> Another option, if you are using zserver, is to (carefully) use the  
> Medusa monitor server and client.  This lets you telnet to the server  
> and get a limited Python prompt that lets you poke around at the  
> Python level.  Of course, this is a potential security hole if not  
> done carefully.  I used to find it very useful for looking at hung  
> Zope 2 applications before it was disabled in Zope 3 for security  
> reasons.

I tried the suggestions from Benji, but using gdb and the commands from
"debug-spining-zope" results in a segfault of the zope3 instance I'm

The threads in the sleeping zope3 instance are in either select, poll, or
semaphore waiting (2 or 3 of them) but I can't get more information about
it. I'm thinking about switching to zserver, but considering that my
deployment is in production and I can't have long down-times, I'd like to
know if zserver is a good choice for high loads or if it deprecated and I
should stay with twisted. Was zserver disabled only for security reasons?
What's your opinion about it?


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