On 7/13/07, Gary Poster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> We are looking for recommendations and visions on how to do this
> pipelining with IResults, because it's not entirely clear to us at the
> moment. Main worries are the questions of how to differ between
> results that need to be themed and those who don't,

I thought you'd return different objects, and rely on adapters.  I'm
a bit surprised at the question, actually--what have I missed?

Well, most HTML output is done by templates, which typically return
unicode. I guess we can let the BrowerPublication to wrap the unicode
in an object...

> I have earlier (before IResult being made public) made a quick hack
> that inserts theming earlier in the process by replacing the
> BrowserPublication, maybe that's a better way to put theming?

Doesn't appeal to me--feels like the hack that we did for
zc.resourcelibrary, in which the change to the system is much, much
too heavyweight (someday we'll convert it to using IResult, I
suspect)--but you're doing it. :-)

Maybe. :-)
But just after I pressed send I actually realized that one part of the
theming is getting in viewlets therem which is quite difficult if you
don't have the context, which actually again points at the Publication
being the right place to do this. Or am I missing something?

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