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Gary Poster wrote:
> On Jul 13, 2007, at 6:06 AM, Lennart Regebro wrote:
>> On 7/13/07, Gary Poster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>>> We are looking for recommendations and visions on how to do this
>>>> pipelining with IResults, because it's not entirely clear to us  
>>> at the
>>>> moment. Main worries are the questions of how to differ between
>>>> results that need to be themed and those who don't,
>>> I thought you'd return different objects, and rely on adapters.  I'm
>>> a bit surprised at the question, actually--what have I missed?
>> Well, most HTML output is done by templates, which typically return
>> unicode. I guess we can let the BrowerPublication to wrap the unicode
>> in an object...
> No, the intent is that this is explicit in the view.
>>>> I have earlier (before IResult being made public) made a quick hack
>>>> that inserts theming earlier in the process by replacing the
>>>> BrowserPublication, maybe that's a better way to put theming?
>>> Doesn't appeal to me--feels like the hack that we did for
>>> zc.resourcelibrary, in which the change to the system is much, much
>>> too heavyweight (someday we'll convert it to using IResult, I
>>> suspect)--but you're doing it. :-)
>> Maybe. :-)
>> But just after I pressed send I actually realized that one part of the
>> theming is getting in viewlets therem which is quite difficult if you
>> don't have the context, which actually again points at the Publication
>> being the right place to do this. Or am I missing something?
> Here's what I was thinking.
> If you want a view to return an unprocessed unicode value (or perhaps  
> "lightly processed") then have it return the value.  The end.  The  
> pipeline will do little or nothing to it.  (zc.resourcelibrary might  
> look for "HTML-ness" in the string and try to insert, but that's it).
> If you want it to be processed as part of a pipeline, then return an  
> object that has what you think the pipeline will need.  For instance,  
> here's a very off-the-cuff version.  There's a *lot* of room for  
> figuring out different ways for this to work, which is one of the  
> interesting bits, and why we've said, at least internally, "let a  
> thousand pipelines bloom"...and then presumably just a few of them  
> will settle down and win.

You can't ask "upstream" to produce a thousand different pipelineables;
 the interface there needs to be dirt simple, and *always the same.*.
In particular, you can't return unicode *or* a pipelineable:  that puts
the policy choice in the wrong place.

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