Am Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2007 01:13 schrieb Philipp von Weitershausen:
> Feedback
> --------
> As much as I see the library-driven approach replace the instance
> approach, I see zopeproject as the way to get started with an
> application instead of mkzopeinstance. I would like to ask everyone
> who's interested in checking it out and give feedback, both on these
> ideas and on zopeproject specifically.

I personally like the idea - it seems that this may lead to a faster setup of 
a zope-based package. I am no Zope3 expert but here are just my 2 cents:

- Please carefully weight boilerplate code against "black magic": For newbies, 
the generated code should on one hand be easily understandable, which means 
that there is no code in it that requires deep understandings of Zope3 
internals. On the other hand, black magic should be avoided, as such 
constructs are pitfalls later on.

- If I understand this right, this is also a "server-centric" 
against "application-centric" issue. In your case, it's probably easier to 
get a single Zope3-based application running, but will it also be easy to 
instantiate a Zope3 server with multiple, different applications on it?

- Please don't forget about Grok in this approach, as the simplicity of Grok 
fits to a fast zope3 package setup. Perhaps a "zopeproject --grok" would be a 
good idea.

- How much work is it to implement this and how do you estimate the timeline? 

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