Philipp von Weitershausen wrote at 2007-7-18 01:13 +0200:
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>Imagine you're writing a GUI application. Without question you'd use 
>some sort of GUI toolkit (e.g. wxPython). Would you expect you would 
>have to hook into the the "wxPython application" as a plug-in? Isn't it 
>more natural that you simply write your application and just use the 
>wxPython *library* wherever necessary?

Is this not the difference between a framework and a library?

 An application uses a framework by hooking its components into
 the framework.

 A library is used directly -- only miminal hooking and callbacks
 are used.

I view GUI frameworks typically as plugging my application parts into
the GUI (which triggers my application code) -- especially, if the
UI is build by an UI-builder...

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>Zope 3 has now been successfully split up into separate pieces: 
>individual libraries. I'd therefore like to propose an alternate 
>approach to developing web applications with Zope: the library one, 
>rather than the pluggable app one.

I prefer the standard approach:

  I see a framework -- Zope
  and a large number of application components that plug themself
  into the common framework.
  The application, in fact a complete collection of mini-applications
  is configured via objects in the ZODB and can be extended TTW.

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