On 18 Jul 2007, at 11:22 , Hermann Himmelbauer wrote:
- Please carefully weight boilerplate code against "black magic": For newbies, the generated code should on one hand be easily understandable, which means
that there is no code in it that requires deep understandings of Zope3
internals. On the other hand, black magic should be avoided, as such
constructs are pitfalls later on.

Have you actually taken a look at the boilerplate (application.py specifically)? It's very little IMO. I suppose it could use a few more comments, but even now I think it's pretty clear what it does. If not, we need to document it better or change it. This is why I wanted you guys to check this out.

- If I understand this right, this is also a "server-centric"
against "application-centric" issue. In your case, it's probably easier to get a single Zope3-based application running, but will it also be easy to instantiate a Zope3 server with multiple, different applications on it?

Running multiple different applications within one process is not my goal. It's also very difficult to do due to the global state that we keep in our component registries (different apps will likely conflict).

If I would want to support this at all, I would probably recommend creating two entirely separate WSGI applications which would be mounted to specific URL paths using PasteDeploy's composite-app. It is already possible, for example, to run a Zope app and a TurboGears2 app within the same server process.

- Please don't forget about Grok in this approach, as the simplicity of Grok fits to a fast zope3 package setup. Perhaps a "zopeproject --grok" would be a
good idea.

zopeproject is heavily influenced by grokproject. In fact, I have a branch of grokproject that re-uses most of zopeproject's facilities (I have posted a message to the Grok list announcing this branch a few days ago already). I don't think we'll have to let grokproject die in favour of zopeproject. grokrpoject will simply be a small shim over zopeproject.

- How much work is it to implement this and how do you estimate the timeline?

Not sure whether I was being imprecise or whether you simply haven't read it all, but all of this is already implemented and fully functional. I actually want you guys to *try it out* for feedback.

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