On 19 Jul 2007, at 22:50 , Tres Seaver wrote:
Lennart Regebro wrote:
On 7/19/07, Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
But, Zope is quite easy on entry.

Zope2, yes.
Zope3? Not at all.

Will modularizing Zope 3 make it easier for newbies? Not really, but
with zopeproject or similar it shouldn't be more complicated either.
In fact, the installation process might end up being simpler:


wget http://www.zope.org/whatevah/Zope.tgz
tar xvfz thetgz
make install
make instance directory


easy_install zopeproject
zopeproject directory
cd directory

Or something similar to that. Doesn't really look more complicated to me. :-) Sure, it uses paste and stuff, but you don't have to know about that to use it.

I think we need to leave soem space for people who want to customize the
site, without wanting to do "full-on" Zope3 package-based development.
If zopeproject makes it obvious where to put "filesystem pages", people
will use them, probably.

I would actually like to leave the "customizeable/pluggable app" story to another project, mostly because it's a concern that's orthogonal to zopeproject.

zopeproject is actually general enough (or at least it tries to be) so that it can be used to bootstrap applications that build on top of Zope. Grok is a good example, grokproject uses zopeproject under the hood. (Grok, in a way, makes things a lot easier for the "middleclass programmer" anyway, perhaps enough for people to feel comfortable with it as a means for customizing existing apps, e.g. Plone)

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