Benji York wrote:
Martijn Faassen wrote:
It would be nice if one could install Zope 3-based *applications* using a Windows installer. But to ask developers to install all the *library* dependencies separately using click-through wizards is rather strange.

As a recovering Windows developer, I agree.

Another point is that Stephan makes it seem as if eggs are some *nixy thing that Windows developers don't know about.

I just realize that's rather funny, as developers on Linux for example also tend to complain about eggs as they don't work with their normal distribution's package management system.

All of this ignores that both Windows installers and the distribution package management system are not generally used to set up development environments. That is, it could be used to set up part of a development environment - stable tools, and libraries with APIs that don't change rapidly. But often a development project needs to rely on newer versions of libraries, and frequently even has to dive into the library and change it. This is where a buildout environment fits in.

It's not the "normal" way of doing things on any platform though. That's because buildout is primarily a development tool, which hopefully in the future will grow more facilities to make deployment (as Windows installer, .deb package, or whatever) really easy as well.



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